Web app

Once you have created a certificate in your Papertrail account, you can share it via email.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Navigate to the Activities filter on the left panel and locate the certificate activity and click onto it.

2. Click into a record that was included on the certificate and click on Created certificate on the right hand side of the record.

Both will open the Activity Details window where you can click Share.

You can add multiple emails in one go. Click Add to add emails to a list and click Share.

The email received will be similar to the image below. It will include the name, date of the certificate and who sent it. A .pdf version of the certificate will be attached to the email.

Mobile app

On the mobile app, you can share the certificate straight after it has been created or, later on, select the certificate activity from the Dashboard.

Click Share.

You will be able to share to more applications on your mobile app, dependent on what applications are downloaded on your device.

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