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How to create a certificate in the mobile app
How to create a certificate in the mobile app

Create a certificate for your records

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Create a certificate for a single record

To create a certificate for a single record, click into the record then select the ... menu in the top right corner. Click on Create Certificate.

Fill in the information boxes. The information that you enter into the boxes (equipment owner name etc.) will be remembered by the app for the next time the certificate is produced. You can also choose to include archived records or not.

You can find and access the certificate in the record history, or in the dashboard activities.

Create a certificate for multiple records

If you want to create a certificate for more than one record, the process is very similar. Select the records by tapping on the circles to the left of the record names. Then click the ... in the top right corner followed by Create Certificate. Follow the steps as above.

Create a certificate for a folder of records

You can also create a certificate for a whole folder of records in just a few clicks. When you are in the folder of records that you want, click the ... at the top of the screen to the right of the folder name. Again, choose Create Certificate from the menu options and follow the steps above.

After being generated, the certificate can be accessed, downloaded and shared via the activities for the record (follow the article links at the base of the page for more details).

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