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How to create a report in the mobile app
How to create a report in the mobile app
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Creating a report from the Papertrail mobile app is much the same as creating a certificate, with options to select which record fields you want to include and what order to display them in instead of filling in text boxes.


Step by step

Click into a single record, or select multiple records, then click on the ... menu in the top right hand corner and choose Create Report.

A new screen will appear, where you can choose whether to create the report as a pdf or csv file, and also select which record fields (information) to include on the report. 

Please note - the default report fields are Date of manufacture, Date of first use, Image, Last inspection details, MBS, Name, Next check date, SWL and Serial.

Click Next in the top right corner. On the next page you have the option to sort the records in your report in an order of your choosing. Click Add to add fields to sort by and toggle whether they sort A-Z or Z-A by tapping on the name.

To finish the report, click Create.

You can Share the report if you like from here, or use this button to save the report to your device files. Don't forget to do this if you want to find the report again, as unlike a certificate the report will not be accessible again via the record history. 

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