Out of sight does not always mean out of mind and you may need to print or export the contents of your 'ARCHIVE FOLDER' at some time. If this is the case, we have made it really easy to do both.


Once you have logged in to your account, remain at your dashboard and select the 'ARCHIVED' folder.

Next, select the dropdown arrow adjacent to the folder you want to explore (Demo) to display the sub folders of items you have archived.

Select the dropdown arrow adjacent to the folder in the breadcrumb bar and choose the 'PRINT/EXPORT' option.

You can now select 'GENERAL EXPORTS' followed by either 'PDF' or 'CSV' export format. Ensure you select the 'INCLUDE SUB FOLDERS' option if required, then choose whether or not you want to 'PRINT' the information as a PDF or 'EXPORT' it to CSV.

Your export or print will now begin and should be with you pretty quickly (depending on how much data you have selected and the speed of your internet connection of course).

Remember, once the download is complete you may need a 3rd party programme to open the downloaded ZIP file, you should then be able to open it in your programme of choice.

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