Papertrail now makes it really simple and effective to view and work on your tasks from all accounts and subscriptions as you have an invite to, providing you use the same log in details for them all.  For example, if you are an PPE, LOLER or AALS inspector and you are a user on on all your clients accounts, logging in with the same email address, you will be able to view and manage every task from every one of those different clients all in one place 👍

Viewing tasks through the 'Task Management' filter on your dashboard is one option but you can also see EVERY task assigned to you.  Simply click on your name in the top right hand corner and select 'Tasks' from the drop down menu and you will access your 'Profile Tasks'.

Papertrail will now search all subscriptions and accounts for tasks assigned to your specific log in details and bring them together on one screen for you to not only view but select, open and edit/manage too - pretty neat 😄 

Papertrail gives you simple, efficient and importantly effective task management that keeps you fully informed and up to date with all your on going jobs across many accounts and subscriptions - in a nutshell, Task Management made easy.

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