Tasks have to be linked to a record within your Papertrail account. In the mobile app, you can only create a task from a record, not from an inspection. You can assign it to an inspection in the web app afterwards. 

To create a task in the mobile app, navigate to and click into the record in question. Scroll down and tap Create a task.

In the Create Task window, enter the title of the task and expand if you need to in the description box. Use the calendar to set a deadline date for the task. You can also take a photo or upload an existing photo to the task.

Press Save in the top right corner to set the task live.

You can now view the details for that task. In this view, you can also assign the task to one or more Papertrail users on your account. Click on <Unassigned>, then click on Assign next to the names of the available users you want to complete the task. You can also click on Unassign to reverse it.

You can also add a note to the task by clicking on the + in the top right corner.

To edit the details of the task, you will need to go to the web app version of Papertrail.

To view a list of all open or pending tasks in your account, click on the Task Manager menu option between Folders and Notifications at the base of the screen.

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