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Editing field(s) of single records such as amending a serial number is really easy to do, simply navigate to the record you need to amend:

 and select the relevant field and change it.  To save your change click anywhere outside the dialogue boxes.

Editing the same field on multiple records is also straightforward.  For example you may want to change the automatically selected 'next inspection date' to one that suits your schedule better.

To carry out this task navigate to and select the folder that contains the records you want to edit

In this example we have chosen 3 x 'DAILY ROUTINE VISUAL INSPECTIONS'.

Click on the 'ADD 3 INSPECTION BOX' dropdown arrow and select the 'EDIT' option followed by 'select a field':

You can now select the field you want to edit:

Once you have done this an 'EDIT 3 RECORDS' dialogue box appears that displays the field you have selected to edit, click the 'NEXT CHECK DATE' box for you to use the 'date picker':

Once the date has been selected you can 'SAVE' and all the records selected will have the new inspection date.

In this example, please remember that changing the date of an inspection doesn't affect the inspection frequency or due period of the item which will revert to its normal cycle immediately after the newly scheduled inspection.

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