Papertrail makes it easy to prioritise your record keeping and keep on track of when inspections and updates are due. This is done by setting Frequencies within your account.

Papertrail helps you prioritise and reduce risk by:

  • Reminding you when equipment inspections are due
  • Reminding you when maintenance checks are due (for example, fire alarms or buildings checks)
  • Letting you know when documents need reviewing or updating (such as risk assessments or staff training certificates)

How does Papertrail let me know when my records need updating?

1. You will see an overview of inspections due in your dashboard, when you first log-in to your Papertrail account. Inspections due within the next two weeks are displayed in yellow, any overdue inspections will be displayed in red

2. You can click on the "Inspections Due" tab on your dashboard at any time to see the records that are due for inspection. From here, you can then update your records.

3. You will also receive a weekly email from Papertrail, alerting you to any inspections that are due:

How to set up Frequencies in your Papertrail account

The way you set up a Frequency in Papertrail is by setting an Inspection Frequency when you add a new record:

of which there are many available.

If for example you add a new record on January 1st and set the Inspection Frequency to every month, Papertrail will alert you that an inspection is due approximately 1 week before February 1st.

If you need help setting up frequencies or would like to add frequencies which are not available as standard, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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