Papertrail lets you know of any changes of state to any record that you have permission to view or work with. Your personal notifications will show up via your profile avatar in the top right corner.

To view the notifications, click on your profile name to see this drop down:

You can now see that a member of staff has changed the state of two records. To find out exactly what has changed, simply select the record to view information about the inspection. You can also view the record by clicking on the record name.

Once you have viewed the notification you can remove it from view by clicking 'MARK AS READ' in the top right hand corner followed by 'CLOSE'. This will then revise your avatar notification total and remove the notifications from general view.

To view all notifications that have been read,  click on your name and select notifications from the dropdown. Next, select 'FILTER' and ensure you tick the 'Include read notifications' option. If you are a member of more than one account you can also select whether you want to view your notifications from one or more of them:

All notifications that you have read, actioned and closed will again be visible to you.

If you are receiving notifications that you don't require you can stop them being flagged up in your profile by simple 'UNSTARRING' the folder. If you are not sure how to do this, have a look at the article below.

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