Once you have 'assigned' a checklist to a record you can carry out inspections to one or more records with that checklist being added to each item.

Watch this short video to see how easy this is..............

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Log in to your account and ensure you are fully sync'd:

Navigate to the items you want to inspect and

  1. Select the items, then
  2. Tap on 'Add inspection'

To bring the 'Add xx inspections' dialogue box up where you can then:

  1. Tap on 'Add Checklist' to view the checklist(s) assigned to this record, then
  2. Select the checklist you need, in this example its 'Petzl: Sport Harness'

This adds the 'Petzl:  Sport Harness' checklist to the first record only.

You now have the following options available:

  1. You can copy the blank checklist down to all the selected records and fill in each checkbox as you inspect each item, or
  2. You can carry out the first inspection, tapping on each relevant checkbox until the the checklist is complete (checkbox turns green when selected)

You can also tap on the 'burger' icon and dropdown arrow to attach this checklist to each record selected.  This will ensure you carry out the same inspection to the same standard throughout.

During the inspection, if you find an issue with the item, leave the checkbox untouched and tap on the 'pencil' icon on the right hand side.  When you select this option you will be able to add a comment and image against that check only.

REMEMBER: If you find a 'negative' issue with the item that requires a comment and/or image, the 'State' of that item should be changed accordingly.  Essentially, if you can't select all the checkboxes within the checklist as 'OK' then the 'State' can't be 'OK'.

In this example all my harnesses were in a serviceable condition:

Then simply tap on the 'Copy to All' button next to 'Checklist' to add the checklist to all records selected.  In this example I have selected option 2 and copied the 'completed' checklist down to my other harnesses.

REMEMBER. If all the items inspected are of the same state you can continue your inspection as usual.  However, if any item doesn't comply with with all the checks you will need to 'unselect' the relevant checkboxes (box returns to white) to identify the 'fault', add a comment or image and change the state of that item accordingly.

When you have completed your inspection fully, select 'Save all'.

and this information is 'sync'd' across all other devices and users on the web and mobile apps.

You can also note that the last inspection carried out on the harnesses used the 'Petzl: Sport Harness' checklist and 13 out of 13 checks were completed successfully (any checklist with a lesser score will show accordingly).

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