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How to add an inspection to your records on the mobile app
How to add an inspection to your records on the mobile app

Inspect single and multiple records on the mobile application

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Step by Step - Single Inspection

Navigate to the record that you want to inspect via the Folder tab on the bottom panel or the Search icon. You can also bring up the records that are due inspection from the Inspections Due (amber) or Inspections Overdue (red) filters on the Dashboard.

There are two ways of adding a single inspection. The first way is to select the record using the circle icon on the left hand side of the record. Click Add inspection at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, click into the record itself. Click the + icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and click Add Inspection.

In the inspection log window, you can fill in the details of the inspection:

  1. Change the current state

  2. Carry out checklists, if you have any on the record they will be displayed here. Click here for more details

  3. Add any relevant comments. If you have left a comment on the previous inspection for that record, you can access this by clicking View last comments and choose to Use last comments if still applicable

  4. Change the quantity of the item (if applicable)

  5. The next inspection date will be calculated automatically based on the inspection frequency of the record. To change the date manually, click Automatic to change the date

  6. Add images or documents for evidence. Click on the Camera icon to take or upload images, or click on the File icon to upload documents.

There are two options of saving your inspection - submitting the complete inspection or saving a draft inspection. Click Save. If you were able to complete the entire inspection click Submit. If you weren't able to complete the entire inspection, click Save draft.

If you clicked Save draft, the draft inspection will be noted in the record history and a Draft icon will appear to the right hand side of the record in Folder view.

To continue the saved draft inspection, follow the above steps to Add an inspection. You will then be given the option to Start over or Continue from draft.

Please note - the draft inspection feature is only available on the mobile application.

Step by Step - Multiple Inspection

If you are inspecting several items at once, you can add inspections to multiple records in one go. Select the records you want to update by clicking on the circle icon to the left of the records. Once you select one record a Select all option will also appear.

Click Add Inspection at the bottom of the screen.

Fill in the details of inspection for each record as detailed above.

If the records you are inspecting have the same state, quantity, next inspection date and/or comments, you can use the grey copy down icon, next to each detail, to copy the same information down to all subsequent records. This works at any stage of the list, so if only the last three records have the same state, you can use the copy down icon from that point on

Click Save. If you were able to complete the entire inspections click Submit. If you weren't able to complete the entire inspections, click Save draft.

Follow the steps above if you saved your inspections as drafts. Once you reach the inspection dialogue, click Choose in the yellow bar at the top to Continue all or Discard all draft inspections. You can also edit individual records to change this.

If you have carried out the inspections offline, you must re-connect to wifi or 3G/4G afterwards to sync your device to ensure your account has the most up to date information. Inspections will show as Pending until the mobile application has synced.

You can view the list of pending activities by clicking on Pending Updates on the Dashboard.

Please note - If you want to add information to a record without changing the inspection frequency or status, you can do this by clicking Add note instead.

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