Uploading new equipment to Papertrail can be time consuming, but if you have multiple pieces of the same equipment, e.g. a rack of size small harnesses, you can clone (duplicate) a record as many times as you like to speed up the process.

One word of warning: it is not advisable to copy unique data such as serial numbers or identifiers to more than one record. Leave this field blank before cloning the record.


Step by Step

First find an existing record of the same item from within your account that you want to clone. Click into the record to display the record details box.

Now click on the Actions button in the top left corner and select Clone Record from the dropdown menu.

You can also clone more than one record at a time (or even a whole page full of items) by selecting them, clicking on the dropdown arrow next to Add X inspections and then clicking Clone.

Enter the number of duplicate items you want based on that record. Finish the process by selecting Clone.

This now produces the specified number of cloned record. We have also added some additional security by adding the word 'COPY' to the end of every cloned record, which means you need to change the name accordingly.

You can also update with any new information in the new record, for example by changing the unique identifier or name.

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