To add a barcode to an item of equipment, you can use the built-in barcode scanner in the Papertrail mobile app. You can also connect a scanning device to your computer and use the web app too.

First navigate to the record that you want to assign the barcode to. Click into the record and then click View more details.

Click on the + icon in the top right hand corner of the screen which will bring up a list of the fields you can edit. Select Barcode.

The barcode scanner will then automatically open on your device to enable you to scan it directly in to the record. Scan the barcode.

The barcode number will display in the barcode field and be allocated to the record.

You can assign the same barcode to more than one record. This is useful if you have a group of items to inspect together.

Once you've added the barcode details to the record, you can simply scan the barcode to bring up that record instead of manually searching for it in your folders when you want to inspect it.

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