As an equipment manager, you'll want to know at a glance which records are overdue for inspection, or maybe how many have been marked as 'Missing'.
Papertrail includes a filters feature to display the records that have a particular state or are due or overdue for inspection.

The filters are displayed on your account dashboard as a table, or you can also click on the Filters funnel icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

At the top will be Inspections Due and Overdue.

The Retire filter will show you which records are due to be retired soon based on their 'Date for retirement' field.

The Archived filter is used to find records previously inspected as 'Retired' which are not normally visible in your account. Follow the article link here to find out more.

The other filters are the different inspection states you have in your account, if you want to see just the records with one particular state (e.g. Missing).

Click on the number next to a filter name to display all the records that correspond to it. When a filter is applied, the name will show in a grey box in the top bar. 

To return to your standard view of folders and records, click on the X next to the filter name in the grey box or on Clear All to remove.

You can also now view filters for different states in the Papertrail mobile app (version 2.15.0 and above). Scroll sideways in the dashboard screen to view each filter, and click on the number to display the applicable records in folder view. Click Change in the top right to select all records again afterwards. 

If you can only see 'Due' and 'Overdue' filters, update your Papertrail mobile app to the latest version. Archived filter is not available yet in the mobile app.

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