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The Papertrail Dashboard: an introduction
The Papertrail Dashboard: an introduction

Learn about our Filter, Recent Activities and Future Inspection widgets

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Your Papertrail Dashboard gives you an overview of the state of your records, showing you instantly which records are due and overdue for inspection. This makes it easy to prioritise which records to inspect first.


  • The Yellow counts are the number of records due for inspection

  • The Red counts are the number of records overdue for inspection

Click on the filter names to see all of your organisations' records which are marked in that state. Filters displayed on your dashboard are dependent on what account template you are using. If you would like a custom filter on your account, please contact us.

Recent Activities

The six most recent activities on your account will be displayed here. If you want to see specific activities within the account, click Filter in the top left corner of the Recent Activities widget.

Future Inspections

The total number of inspections due for inspection in the upcoming weeks. The Actual total of inspections is calculated from the Next Check date on your records and the Projected is the predicted total based on the Inspection Frequency of your records (if your inspections are done on time).


You can simplify the graph by removing either the 'Actual' or 'Projected' inspections by clicking on the one you do not want. The default date range view is 8 Weeks, you can change this range in the top right hand corner. Please note - to view the '6 Months' inspections you need to select the 6 Months date range.

For a more specific view, you can select which Included Frequencies you require and this will filter the view by the frequency.

To view the total records for each date range, hover your cursor over the bar. Clicking on the dates will display the folders containing the records that are scheduled to be inspected within this time period.

From your dashboard, you can also navigate to Folders, Tasks and Activities on the left-hand side, search your account in the top right corner or view the account settings (if you are an Administrator) by clicking the Settings cog icon in the lower left corner.

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