There are four main types of report that you can produce from your Papertrail account: general, certificate, full account export and Analytics. We'll run through each of them below. 

General export

General exports are used to produce an overview of record or inspection information. You can choose which record fields you want to include in the report and select a single, multiple or a whole folder full of records. 

The report can be generated in either a pdf or csv format.

You can choose whether to open the document or spreadsheet and then save it, or download it directly to your computer.

If you have added your company logo to your Papertrail account, the pdf reports will include this in the top left corner.

Certificate export

There are three globally available templates on the Equipment Management Template:

We also offer custom certificate templates for our Compliance and Risk Management subscriptions, such as certificates with checklists, images, logos and company information. If you are interested in a bespoke solution, contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Unlike general exports, certificates are saved against the history of each record included in that certificate. This means you can click into a record and view or download the certificate pdf at any time - useful when you're asked to demonstrate compliance whilst out on a job.

Full account export

Full account exports include all the data on your account (with upload files optional) and will be saved as a csv format. 

The csv will be generated as a ZIP file, with different sheets for records, logs (inspections), uploads and tasks.

Producing reports and certificates is available on the web and mobile application. You have the option to share reports and certificates directly with others via email/file sharing/social media platforms on your phone.


Available to those on our Equipment, Compliance and Risk Management packages. Please view our analytics reports that are currently available here.

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