We introduced checklists to Papertrail inspections as a way to make your inspections more efficient and accurate (and it saves you record allowance space!).

Many people inspect an item using a checklist to ensure that they have followed correct procedure (especially if the person inspecting is not classified as a 'competent person') and to narrow down to specific details or components which can then be followed up with corrective or preventative action.

You could download and print paper copies of the manufacture check guidelines from the PPE Directory and fill them out each time, however this is time consuming and wastes paper. 

We have turned these into digital checklists that are available for you to use every time you inspect your record. 

When you add an inspection, you will have the option to tick off and also write comments and upload photos against each check. You can then assign an overall state and set other details as per a standard inspection.

The results of the checklist will be added to the inspection history of the record and will be available at any time to help you prove compliance.

To use checklists, follow these three steps:

1. Make sure you have the checklist added to your account (if nothing is coming up as an option, get in contact with us on the details below)

2. Assign the checklist to the record

3. Inspect the record using the checklist

We also offer custom checklists - check out the article link here.

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