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How to create a task on the web app
How to create a task on the web app
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Tasks have to be linked to a record within your Papertrail account. You can either create a task from a record or from an inspection if it relates to something found during that specific inspection.

Step by step

To create a task from a record, click into to the record and open it to view the record fields window. Click the blue + Create task button. 

To create a task when completing an inspection, click on the blue + Create task button above the next inspection date. Don't forget you will need to Save the overall inspection after filling in the details and creating the task.

In the Create new task window, enter the title of the task and expand if you need to in the description box. Use the calendar to set a deadline date for the task.

Click on Add/Remove assignees to select which Papertrail user in your account to assign to the task. Click in the search bar to display a list of users and click Add next to the name you need (followed by Close to close the list). You can select more than one person. Once you've finished adding assignees, click Done. Set the task to go live by clicking Create Task.

If you created the task from an inspection, you will now be returned to the inspection window (don't forget to complete the inspection and press Save). You can find the task you just created by going to the Task Manager menu. 

If you created the task from a record, the task details window will now appear.

Here you can:

  • Edit the title and description

  • Assign it to a previous inspection on the record

  • Change the state

  • Upload a file or photo by clicking on or dragging a file on to the + box

  • Change the deadline date

  • Add/Remove assignees to add more or remove a current assignee

You can also add a note to the task by clicking on the + Note button under the task activity. Notes are helpful to keep the team updated on progress - see how to manage, update and close a task.

Click out of the task window to return to the record details, where your open task will now be shown.

Don't forget that you can find the task you just created by going to the Task Manager menu on the left hand panel.

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