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Filtering account activity to see what you need

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If you've ever asked yourself "how many inspections were carried out last month" or "which inspections did user X carry out last week"? The filter option on the activities tab will give you the tools to answer these and many other questions you may have regarding the activity within your account.

Click on the Activities tab on the left hand panel and click on the Filter button on the right hand side.

You will have four options to refine your search:

Activity Type - choose from Folder activities, Record activities, Inspection activities, Task activities or Certificate activities.

User - tick the applicable names from a list of all the users in the account.

Folder - select which folders and sub-folders you want to include.

Date Range - use this option to narrow your search down to a specific day / date or period; don't forget that you need to enter two dates even if you are filtering on one day.

In the example shown below, we wanted to find out what inspections were carried out by all users, in the folder Descenders & Ascenders between 01/06/2022-31/08/2022 in the account:

Once you are happy with the filter options you have selected, click on Apply filters and your results will be displayed.

You can see which filters have been applied from the boxes in the blue bar at the top of the screen. To remove a filter, click on the X next to the filter name or you can Reset all filters.

Once chosen desired filters, click the Export button.

You can either have a PDF or a CSV document. Click open or download, from there you will be able to share the document however you wish.

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