Do you get a Monday morning email 'digest' from Papertrail that contains lots of great information but is a bit overwhelming?

Papertrail by default makes every folder you have been given permission to access 'starred'. However, although you may have access to lots of folders you may not actually be responsible for most of it. This means there's lots of irrelevant information on your dashboard, notifications and in your weekly digest email. 

For instance, if you work in an outdoor centre you may only need to see which harnesses are due for inspection this week, not any of the water sports activities records.

If this is the case, you can 'unstar' folders to remove information for the records within them.

To 'unstar' a folder that you don't want to get notifications and information for, click into the folder, then click on the ▼ dropdown arrow next to the folder name in the top dark blue bar. Choose Unstar in the options.

The little star icon will change from yellow to black and this will mean that the records no longer appear in the Filter numbers, in your notifications or in the weekly digest emails.

To star a folder again, follow the steps above but click on Star and the star will turn back yellow.

N.B. If you unstar a top level folder it will automatically do the same for all sub-folders underneath it. You can navigate to a specific sub-folder to unstar it.

By default, Papertrail will display all the folders you have access to. To only view your starred folders in the folder view, click on the starred folders icon in the top right corner, next to the columns and sort icons. The star will go from an outline to filled in and any unstarred folders will disappear from view.

You can remove this filter by clicking the star icon again to return it to an outline, or clicking the X next to the grey filter box in the top blue bar.

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