If you have a Business or Corporate subscription, you may have a large team that work across many different areas. Not everyone will need to see every folder and record in your Papertrail account. It's helpful to be able to give access to folders to some but not all users.

To change the member access settings for a folder you must be an Admin on your account.

You can edit access settings per folder or per user:

Per folder

To change which team members can see one particular folder, navigate to that folder using the folders icon in the left hand menu. Click on the folder you want to set access for, then click on the ▼ dropdown arrow next to the folder name in the top bar and choose Edit.

Under the folder name and description, you can see a list of current users on the account. Here you can select All, None or tick which individuals can see the folder.

Admins will automatically have access to every folder in the account.


Per user

To change which folders one particular user can see, click on the white Settings cog icon in the lower left corner of the screen

Choose the second option Team settings.

A list of all the users in the account will be displayed (along with their permission settings in terms of view/add/edit, which are separate to which folders they can see).

Click on the white arrow on the right side of the screen to collapse the menu bar, then click on Edit to the right of the user name.

A window will appear with the options to change their access permissions and, below that, a list of all the folders in the account. Here you can select All, None, or specify which folders they can see by ticking the boxes next to each folder name.

Don't forget to expand the sub-folders under a top-level folder using the triangle if you need to get really specific.

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