Bored with the coloured round disc with your initials being the only way you can be identified in Papertrail?

If yes, have a look a this short video or read on to find out how to use an avatar or photo in its place........


From your dashboard, click on your profile name in the top right hand corner to access the drop down menu

From the dropdown, click on 'Profile'

Next, click on "ADD PROFILE IMAGE", navigate to where you keep your avatar/photos and select the image you want to use to portray yourself with....................

The image chosen will be saved in the shape of the disc, all you now need to do is click on "SAVE" directly beneath the image

Your chosen avatar/image (such as the ruggedly handsome example I have used) will now be in place and will be displayed whenever you complete an action within your account, such as after an inspection

your Papertrail profile is now personalised in the way you want it to be

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