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How to create or add a record on the web app
How to create or add a record on the web app
Add your inventory manually on the web app
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There are two options when adding a new item to your Papertrail account: creating a record manually or importing a record directly from the Product Directory.


Step by Step

Once you have logged in, click on the folder you would like to add a record to from the menu on the left-hand side then click New record.

A dialogue box will appear. To add a record, fill out:

  • Record name - this could be a piece of equipment (e.g. "harness"), facility check (e.g. fire extinguisher #01) or anything else you want to keep track of in your account

  • Inspection frequency - decide how often you want to review, inspect or update this record (Papertrail will remind you when it is due)

  • Initial state - the current condition of the equipment you are adding. For example, Checked - Good is default on the PPE account template.

Once you have completed these stages, click Create.

The record details window will open, allowing you to enter as much specific information as you like. Papertrail is a multi-layered inventory management database - all your information is stored in one place for easy referral.

Please note - the fields displayed are dependent on the account template you have on your subsription.

Some available fields to fill in on the PPE account are:

  • Identifier - use this field to add a unique identifier for this particular record, for example a number or marking

  • Serial Number, Make, Model - these are all optional fields but may be required for equipment

  • Date of Manufacture - date of manufacture of the piece of equipment

  • Date for Retirement - shelf life of the equipment - this will generate a notification to remind you to retire the item as this date gets closer

  • Purchase Date - date you bought the item

  • First Inspection Due - if you already have a scheduled inspection date

  • Supplier - who you purchased the equipment from

  • Purchase Price - how much it cost you - will assist you in forecasting how much it will cost to replace it

The Uploads section will allow you to add photos or paperwork associated with that item, e.g. manufacturer guidelines. Click on the grey + box to upload a file from your computer, or drag and drop a file over it.

When you have finished adding information, close the record. There is no need to hit save. If you need to edit the record again, click here for more details.

You can also import a record using our Product Directory which features manufacturers including; Teufelberger, Singing Rock, DMM, Petzl and Palm. 

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