The mobile app will always sync as long as it has a good 3G or 4G cellular or wireless internet connection. Even though the app tells you the 'Sync is up to date' you may feel that you want to ensure it is.

The simplest way to do this on both iOS and Android devices is:

  • Tap and hold your app screen just below the account name

  • Swipe downwards in one continuous motion for 3 - 4 cm

  • Confirm that the app tells you it is ‘Syncing’ followed by ‘Sync up to date’ is shown

  • If there are any errors or issues with your connection the app will inform you

This action can be carried out at any time and as many times as you need.

View unsynced inspections when you are offline

You can now view pending updates by clicking on the ‘Pending Updates’ link on the Dashboard. If you are offline, this gives you an easy way to view the inspections you have recorded when you don't have any 3G, 4G or wifi. Once your device comes into signal, the pending updates will sync automatically.

Whilst you are offline you can delete these actions by clicking on the bin icon, this will delete the pending inspection and will not show in your latest activities.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem syncing inspections to our server, the pending updates page will allow you to review the inspection and correct any issues. If you experience a sync error, please contact support for assistance.

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