Have you ever asked yourself "how many inspections were carried out last month" or "what inspections did so and so carry out last week"? Well, using the new filter option on the activities tab will give you the tools to answer these and many other questions you may have regarding your records.


Your starting point is to click on the Activities icon on the left hand side of your screen and then click on the Filter tab over on the right hand side; this will then give you 4 options to develop your 'search'.

Activity Type - You have 3 options to chose from here; all you need to do is select the one(s) applicable to the information you need to filter on. For example, if you need information on inspections, just select the Inspection Activities option only.

Member - Do you need to focus on certain members of your staff, just one member or all of them? Again, all you need to do is tick the applicable name(s) or click the select all button.

Folder - It is important that you chose the right option(s) here so the filter will search the correct folder(s). Again, you can select pretty much any number / combination of folders to narrow your search down.

Date Range - Use this option to narrow your search down to a specific day / date or period; don't forget that you need to enter 2 dates even if you are filtering on one day.

In the example shown below, I wanted to find out what inspections were carried out by Head Office staff on all electrical equipment between 1 Jul and 7 Jul 16:

Once you are happy with the filter options you have selected, simply click on 'Apply Filters' and your results will be produced and then displayed as shown below:

Naturally we think this is a great functionality for managers and users alike, easy to set up and simple to use and will increase the reporting options on your records and staff alike.

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