IMPORTANT - This feature will only work when the mobile app is online

Most account management is carried out on the web app, however there may be times when you have to add a record on the mobile app. To see how this is done, have a look at this short video:

If you can't view the video, read on.................

To create a record using the mobile app first ensure you are online. Select the folders tab from the dashboard

Select the folder you wish to create a record in, in my example I am creating a record in the folder named "My first folder"

This will open the folder and you can now select the 3 dots in the top right corner of your device (see below)

You will then be able to select the Add record option. Select this

Enter the name of your record and select a state and frequency for inspection. Once you've done this select the create tab in the top right corner of your device (see below)

To add more details to the fields in your record, select the Add/View more details tab shown below

Then select the plus symbol shown below in the top right corner of your device

Now select the relevant field you wish to edit. 

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