Do you get a Monday morning 'DIGEST' from Papertrail that contains lots of great information but you really only want it to 'tally' with what you actually work on? If the answer is YES - read on.......


Papertrail by default makes every folder you have been given permission to access 'STARRED' and this helps to ensure that you get the right information on Monday morning.  However, it may become obvious that although you have access to lots of folders you may not actually be responsible for most of it.  Essentially, you will seeing lots of information on your dashboard and on your weekly digest that you don't really need to see.

If this is the case you need to start by deciding what folders you want to see in the weekly 'DIGEST' and then making them a 'STARRED' folder within the account.  This will then ensure that what you get told about in the weekly 'DIGEST' will tally with the dashboard and importantly be accurate for your responsibilities.  To do this, simply log in to your Papertrail web account to access the dashboard:

In this example you can see all the filters displaying everything applicable to me and to begin the process of changing this I need to click on the 'Folders' icon to navigate to this view:

You can now see a list of all the folders accessible to you and from here you need to identify which folders contain the records you are going to be responsible for and importantly view in your dashboard filters and weekly digest.  In this example I am going to be responsible for the 'Daily Routine Vehicle Checks'.

Before we can set this up, you need to ensure all the other folders in my account are 'UNSTARRED', this will ensure I no longer 'see' them in the dashboard filters or receive notifications about them in my digest. To do this simply select a folder and click on the dropdown arrow (1), then click on 'UNSTAR' (2) in the menu:

Carry out this unstarring action for every folder you are not responsible for, ensuring you leave the folder you are responsible for starred.  WARNING - You can carry this action out quickly by 'UNSTARRING' top level folders as this will automatically include, however, if you are responsible for a sub-folder you will have to select it and 'STAR' it on its own to ensure it remains part of your notifications.

Once you have completed this you can easily check that everything is correct by navigating back to the 'Folder' view and apply the starred items view filter:

If you have successfully 'UNSTARRED' all the folders you do not want to be notified about you will only see the one you do.

You can now also go back to the dashboard and you will note that you no longer see all the filter notifications of inspections due and overdue etc, you will only see the 6 that you are responsible for:

This is an enhanced option offered to all our users and we would be grateful for any feedback on how you are finding the ‘STARRED' folders functionality either in your account on on the Monday morning 'DIGEST' option.

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