If you already have your records held on an Excel, Sheets or Numbers spreadsheet and want to bulk upload your records to your Papertrail account, we can offer this service to you. To assist us in getting the data into your account quickly and cleanly you need to ensure the folder structure that you want to import the data into is in place within your account; once you are happy with this, simply copy all your data across into the correct columns within this template spreadsheet, email it across to us and we'll take care of the rest.

How to upload records to Papertrail using a spreadsheet: tips and advice

When sending us your spreadsheet, there are a few things you need to do so that we can add your records to your Papertrail account. First of all - on the spreadsheet, it needs to be clear which folders each record should belong to. You can specify this using sub-headings within the spreadsheet, or using tabs.

Each record needs to have as a minimum:

- A name (e.g. harness)
- A unique identifier
- How often you want to be reminded to inspect each record (the frequency)

You can also add all the optional data which you can usually add to a Papertrail record, such as purchase date, date of manufacture, date of first use etc.

Optional functionality:

If you would like to add a frequency that is not offered as standard within Papertrail (for example, if you want to set reminders to inspect records every twenty days), just let us know and we will set this up on your account.

It is also possible to set a specific date that an inspection is next due when uploading from a spreadsheet.

Ready to get started? Need help?

If you would like us to take a look at your existing record keeping spreadsheet, or are ready to upload - please contact us. We'll review it and send you our feedback, and let you know if it's suitable to upload.

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