It is important to think about your account structures to make it as easy as possible for you to find and manage your records within Papertrail.

When setting up each account, you will notice that we have provided example folders for you to use. You can add, edit, move, and/or delete these folders to suit your needs.

Please view our help articles below for examples on how to structure your folders tailored to your package:

Below are some visual examples of ways you can structure your Papertrail accounts to suit your business needs. Each different colour could be represented by a different folder under the corresponding account template.

If you are interested in a custom account template, please contact us.

Working at Height


Rope Course

Activity Centre

By mapping out your different areas and the types of records you need to keep, you'll soon get a clear idea of the best way to structure your accounts and folders within Papertrail.

Do I need an individual record for every item of equipment?

No - for items such as archery arrows or wet suit shoes (or any item where you don't need as much detail), you can create one record and add a quantity. Each time you inspect this group of items, you need to remember to update the quantity.

For equipment that falls under LOLER and PUWER regulations, or items of great expense, it is important to have an individual record for each item to show compliance with legislation.

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