Once you have physically attached a retrofit RFID tag/dot/rope label to your piece of equipment, it's easy for you to scan the RFID number directly into your Papertrail record on the mobile app.

Step by Step

A few things to make sure of before you start working with the RFID reader:

  • You are logged into your Papertrail account

  • You have a good internet connection

  • The account is synced

REMEMBER - Once your bluetooth RFID reader is connected to your mobile device it acts as a 'keyboard wedge' and you will be unable to add your username or password at the log in page or type anything else.

All ready?

Turn on and connect the RFID reader to your mobile device via the bluetooth setting page (see this article for full instructions).

Go back to your previously opened Papertrail account and navigate to the record that you have added a retrofit RFID tag to. Click on the record to open it fully.

Select View more details and the RFID option from the list.

This brings up a box for us to scan the RFID number into.

Press the scan button on the RFID reader and hold close to the tag until the light goes green and it beeps to enter the unique number.

Once scanned, you are taken back to the record details that will display the scanned RFID number.

Select the back arrow in the top left corner to access the main record details. You will now be able to to see the addition of the RFID number in the activity section.

You can repeat the process to add a unique RFID number to any other record that you have tagged.

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