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Where can I buy Barcodes, RFID and NFC solutions for my Papertrail records?
Where can I buy Barcodes, RFID and NFC solutions for my Papertrail records?
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Papertrail works with a number of different scannable solutions such as barcodes, RFID and NFC. RFID and NFC solutions rely on having a tag, dot, label or microchip either incorporated or attached to your equipment and access to the corresponding reader. The easiest way to scan barcodes is with the built-in barcode scanner in the Papertrail mobile application.

Papertrail prides itself on being brand agnostic. Please see below for a list of solutions available:


Tough Tags - Provide tough, waterproof and weatherproof bespoke printed labels for adding unique identifiers, QR codes and barcodes to your equipment. They work on a wide range of applications including fall protection equipment.

Barcode Warehouse - A provider of barcode label printers, RFID equipment and barcode scanners that can be used with our web application.


Please note - RFID works on three frequencies - LF, HF and UHF. It is important that your RFID labels and readers are the same frequency. The Papertrail applications work with any type of bluetooth RFID reader that acts as a keyboard wedge.

DMM iD - Provide a bluetooth RFID reader and corresponding retrofit tag solutions such as the iD Dot, iD Zip Tie and iD Rope Labels.

Earlsmere - Provide many RFID and label solutions for a wide variety of asset and inspection management.

Microsensys - A European wholesale provider of RFID and NFC solutions.

HellarmannTyton - Provide identification systems such as RFID tags and labelling to the energy, infrastructure and rail industries.


Equipment manufacturers Kong provide an NFC reader and their range of NFC Ready products comes equipped with NFC microchips, allowing the unique identification of the product.

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