You can move a record between different folders in your Papertrail account. This is helpful if an item of equipment is assigned to a new location, department or member of staff (depending on how your folders are set up).

Web app

Navigate to the folder that contains the record/s you want to move. Once you have selected the records, click on the ▼ drop down arrow next to Add X inspections and then click Move.

This will open a window where you can select the destination folder for the records. You can select a sub-folder by clicking on the small arrow adjacent to the folder name to expand the sub-folder menu.

Click Save.

Mobile app

Navigate to the folder that contains the record/s you want to move using the Folders tab on the bottom panel. Select the records you want to edit using the Circle icon to the left of the records and click the Three Dots icon. Choose Move Selected. You can now click on the folder or sub-folder you want the records to.

Once you have chosen the destination folder, click Select Folder.

You can check that the record/s have moved by navigating to the new destination folder, or click on the Dashboard tab to see the action in recent activities.

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