If a piece of equipment has come to the end of its date for retirement, is not suitable for use any more or is not needed for any other reason, it is time for it to be retired in your Papertrail account.

To retire a record you need to Add an inspection to the record and select Retired as the state. You can optionally add any comments and a photo at this stage, for instance a description of why you are retiring it and a photo of any damage.

Saving the inspection will archive the record so you can still access the history in future, but record will be hidden from view and will no longer be flagged for inspection.

To view the history of the record for auditing purposes, use the Archived filter on the left hand menu to make archived records visible. Read more details in this article on how to find archived records.

You may want to add a new folder called Archived to your account and move all your archived records into there, which makes deleting folders in future easier.

Records that have been retired no longer count towards your subscription allowance, so when you retire an item it frees up space for a replacement.

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