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How to use the DMM iD 1.0 reader
How to use the DMM iD 1.0 reader
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A DMM iD reader will scan an RFID tag at close contact and input the unique number into your Papertrail account.

Turning it on

Turn on the reader by pressing the On / Off button. 

The red and green lights will flash once, then the blue Bluetooth light will start flashing as it searches for a device to pair with.

Connecting to a device

Connect the reader to your computer or mobile device via the Bluetooth settings. Make sure Bluetooth is switched on for your device. The reader will appear as 'DMM iD ...' followed by the reader serial number. Select this to pair with your device.

The blue light will show on steady when it is successfully paired.

The reader is programmed to automatically turn off after 3 minutes if you have not connected to a Bluetooth device and after 10 minutes of no activity if you are connected. Press the On / Off button again to turn reader back on.

Toggle keyboard

The reader is considered as a ‘keyboard’ by any Bluetooth device. Either log in and search for your record in Papertrail first, or toggle the touch screen keyboard on and off by pressing the reader On / Off button while it is connected.

When you turn your reader back on and your Bluetooth is still turned on in your device settings, the reader will pair with your device automatically. 

If this doesn't happen, check that Bluetooth is turned off on other nearby devices.

Scan a tag

  • Locate the iD tag that is embedded or retrofitted to the piece of equipment.

  • Open the RFID field in your Papertrail record details (to allocate a tag to a record) or the search bar (to search for a record that has already been allocated a tag).

  • Move the stylus of the reader in contact with the iD tag.

  • Press and hold the Scan button. The red light will show.

  • A green light and audible beep will confirm a successful scan.

  • The iD number will automatically be typed into the selected field.

  • If the red light flashes then the scan was unsuccessful.


If the red light does not show when you press the Scan button you will need to reset the reader. Switch off the device by pressing and holding On / Off button. Then press and hold both the On / Off and Scan buttons until the red and green lights flash.


Charge the reader with the supplied cable with a micro USB fitting.

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