Even with the best folder structure it can take time to navigate to a specific record. It may be difficult to search for a record when you are unsure of the exact name. Or you might not be able to read the serial number of the item properly.

Using barcodes, QR codes and Data Matrix codes is a great way to identify individual items of equipment and search for them quickly and easily in Papertrail.

The Papertrail mobile app has a built-in barcode scanner. You can also connect a scanning device to your computer to use in the web app.

What type of identifier codes can I use?

QR codes

Data Matrix codes


Although our barcode scanner will identify barcodes with as few as 4 characters, we recommend that you use barcodes with at least 5 characters.
The following barcode types are compatible with Papertrail:

  • Code 39

  • Code EAN-8

  • Code EAN-13

  • Code 93

  • Code 128

  • PDF 417

There are lots of tools online that will generate barcodes, QR codes and Data Matrix codes for free, which you can then print on stickers.
Contact the support team for more information.

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