There may be occasions when a member of staff retires an item in error or the item has been repaired and needs to go back into service. If this is the case, you can revert the last inspection log and return the record to its original state. 

Please note - you will need to have edit or admin permissions to revert an inspection. Un-archiving can only be carried out on the web application and on one record at a time.

Locate the record by clicking on the Archived filter from the Filters tab on the left hand side menu. Navigate to the folder and record that you want to retrieve.

If you can't remember what folder the record is sat in, click on View all folders & records on the dashboard and view the records in Record View.

Click into the record. In the history on the right, find the inspection with the state Retired. Hover your mouse over the inspection and a small i (information) icon will appear. Click on the icon.

The Activity Details box will appear. Click on Revert.

The inspection will now be deactivated and the inspection history will be updated with Deactivated last inspection.

You can now click anywhere off the record to close it and the record will disappear from the archive filter as it is now a live record. To clear the filter, click the X icon next to the filter box to remove it, or click Clear all.

The record will have the same state that it had before it was retired. You may now need to re-inspect it to update the record.

Remember, archived records don't count towards your subscription record allowance but if they are un-archived then they will now count towards your record limit again.

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