If you are rearranging and sorting your folder structure out in your account, you may want to delete a folder completely. Sometime the delete option is greyed out and unavailable or it may show up a message saying "This folder can't be deleted", even though the folder looks like it's completely empty.

If this is the case, essentially it is telling you that the folder is only empty of active records - the folder will contain archived records that are not visible in standard view. 

(Remember, Papertrail doesn't allow records with any inspection history or notes to be deleted, just archived instead in case they are needed for future reference)

To check for archived records, select the Archive option on the Filters menu on the left hand side of the screen or from your dashboard.

You can check this filter has been applied because a grey Include: archived box will be shown in the top blue bar.

The archived records within the account will now be displayed. You can navigate around the folders in the account as normal but only archived records will be shown with this filter applied.

We recommend that, if you haven't already, you create a separate folder to move all your archived records into. This will enable you to delete other folders as you wish.

Firstly, create a new top-level folder called 'Archived Records' or similar. It's helpful to put an explanation comment into the description box too.

Next, find and select the archived records you want to move into this new folder. You can find out how to move records here (it's the same action to move active and archived records from one folder to another).

Once the archived records have been moved to the new folder, the option for you to delete the previous folder will become available.

Managers should think about if they want or need their users to have access to this Archived folder. If you do, you need to ensure it is selected for them in Team Settings.

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