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How to create a LOLER inspection certificate (legacy account)
How to create a LOLER inspection certificate (legacy account)

How to use the LOLER certificate

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Please note - this help article is for the LOLER certificate, which is available to legacy customers. If you would like our updated LOLER Report of Thorough Examination certificate, please contact support.

You may be required to create, produce and save a thorough inspection report that displays the information required by Schedule 1 of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998.

Papertrail provides a certificate template for this need and saves it against each inspected record so you can access and download it whenever you need to.

To produce a LOLER certificate, first navigate to the necessary folder or search for the relevant tag to display all your records needed to be inspected. You should add the inspections to the records first on Papertrail before producing the certificate.

Once you have confirmed that the inspection history for the records is up to date, select all the relevant records. If you need a whole folder of records, click the ▼ dropdown arrow next to the folder name. If you have selected some but not all records on the page, click the ▼ dropdown arrow next to Add X inspections

Next choose the Print/Export option.

From the window that opens, select the Certificate exports option on the right.

Under the Certificate Type, chose LOLER.

Choose whether you want the certificate to Open or Save after it is completed. You can still download and save the certificate after you have opened it to view it. The certificate is saved in .pdf format.

Under advanced options, you can select whether to include sub-folders or archived records.

Then you can enter the certificate details, including:

  • Equipment owner's name

  • Inspector's name

  • Inspector's qualifications

  • Inspector's address

  • Address where inspection(s) took place

  • Date of last inspection

  • Date of this inspection

  • Date of next inspection

  • Additional comments

To make it easier for you in future, your account will remember these details next time you produce a LOLER certificate so you don't have to type them in each time.

Once you are happy that all the details are correct, select Open or Download at the base of the window. 

This will then open a new browser window to display the full certificate or download it for you to save in a location on your computer.

The report includes the following record details:

  • Date of First Use

  • Description (record name in Papertrail)

  • Serial

  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strain)

  • SWL (Safe Working Load)

  • Condition (state, details and comments of last inspection in Papertrail)

Papertrail will automatically save a copy of the report against each record contained in the certificate. You can view and download the report by clicking into a record and looking at the record history on the right hand side.

This will then ensure that you can produce your LOLER report on request at any time in the next six months to prove compliance.

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