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How to add a photo, document or file to a record
How to add a photo, document or file to a record

How to add uploads to single and multiple records in the web and mobile application

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If you want to add a photo, document or file to your records you can use the Uploads section within the record. You can upload multiple files to your records and they will be stored against the record's history and can be viewed and/or downloaded by other users with the correct permission settings.

Files you might want to upload to your records could include:

  • Manufacturers instructions

  • Guidelines for inspection

  • Staff qualification certificates

Please note:

  • Files must be smaller than 20 MB in size

  • If you download an uploaded file from Papertrail and then edit it, you will need to upload the new version into the record to replace the original

  • If your file or photo is specific to an inspection, upload it during the inspection process

  • Make sure your mobile app is fully synced before deleting the original file from your device

  • Whilst you can upload word, excel and other format documents, we recommend that you use PDF format where possible as they can be viewed and saved across devices

Video - Web Application

Step by Step

Open the record that you want to add the image, document or file to. If you have uploads on the record already, the Uploads fields will be already be visible. If you have no uploads on the record, scroll down and click Show all fields at the base of the window. The Uploads field will now be visible.

Click the + icon. This will take you to your default location for images/files. You can now select the file you want to be uploaded.

Once you have selected Open you will be returned to the record and your image/file should now be shown.

If you want to add another upload to the record you can do so by selecting the + and carrying out the same actions.

To view an uploaded file, click on the icon and a preview will be shown. Click on the Download button or on the down arrow icon in the preview box.

To delete an upload, hover over the file icon and click on the X in the top right hand corner of the icon.

If you want to add the same upload to multiple records, you can do this by selecting the records and choosing Edit from the ▼ dropdown arrow. Navigate to the field Uploads to update your records. More information on this can be found here.

Video - Mobile Application

Step by Step

The mobile application allows you to capture images and upload them straight to your record immediately.

First, open the record that you want to add the image, document or file to. In the Uploads section, click on either the camera icon, to upload an image, or the file icon, to upload a file or document.

The camera icon will open the device's camera. You can capture a new photo to upload to your record or navigate to the photo album in the bottom left hand corner to upload an existing image.

The icons in the top left hand corner allow you to enable flash and switch between the device's front and back facing cameras.

The file icon, opens your file library allowing you to search for saved documents and files. Search and click on the upload you would like to add to your record.

If you want to add the same upload to multiple records, navigate to the records you want to edit using the Folder tab on the bottom panel. Select the records you want to edit using the Circle icon to the left of the records and click the Three Dots icon.

Click Uploads to add a photo, file or document.

To delete an upload, click Remove when clicked into the record.

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