If you want to add a photo, document or file to your record, such as manufacturers instructions, guidelines for inspecting the item or a copy of a staff qualification certificate, you can use the Uploads section. You can upload more than one file, document or photo to your record.

These files are stored against the record's history and can be found and downloaded by any other user with access to your account. 

This tool is also useful if you've previously been using a paper or spreadsheet method for inspecting equipment. You can scan/save and upload the historic files to the new Papertrail record for reference whilst you are transitioning to a new system.


Step by Step

First find the image/file you want to upload to the record. Please be aware that some word documents may not be able to be viewed from some mobile devices; we recommend uploading documents in pdf format.

Open the record that you want to add the image/file to and select Show all fields at the base of the window. This will open the UPLOADS field that you now need.

Select the + icon and you will be taken to your default location for images/files. You can now select the file you want to be uploaded.

Once you have selected Open you will be returned to the UPLOADS view where you will see the file you have imported in the record. 

If you want to select another file/image for the record you can do so by selecting the + and carrying out the same actions.

To view an uploaded file, click on the icon and it will open a preview. Click on the Download button or on the arrow icon in the preview box.

To delete a file, hover over the file icon and click on the X showing in the top right corner of the icon.

You can also upload a document or photo in the mobile app.

A few points to note:

  • If you have a file or photo that is specific to an inspection, the best place to upload it is during the inspection process. You can still retrieve the file from the record history.

  • Please make sure your mobile app is fully synced before deleting the original photo or file from your device, in case you need to retrieve it again.

  • Files must be smaller than 20 MB in size. 

  • If you open a file from Papertrail and then edit it, you will need to upload the new version into the record to replace the original - it will not automatically update.

  • Whilst you can upload word, excel and other format documents, we recommend that you use PDF format for documents where possible because it can be viewed and saved easily on other devices.

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