You can't add another user because your Papertrail subscription has hit its user limit

If you have more than one Papertrail account under your subscription, your total number of users will be shared across all the accounts. Each different email address counts as a new user (so if you are on more than one account with the same email address you still only take up one user space).

If you are the subscription owner, you can increase your user allowance by:

  • Removing any users / revoking the pending invite for any users who no longer require access to you account, and use their slot to invite a new user.

  • Contact us to purchase additional users - our contact details are below.

  • Upgrade to a new subscription plan (e.g. move from 1 user with Essential to 2 or more with Business).

How to remove a user from your Papertrail account

How to add users to your Papertrail account

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