Having multiple users on your Papertrail account not only makes adding and updating records quicker (many hands make light work), it also gives you ultimate transparency and accountability for your health & safety record keeping. By setting up unique user accounts for every member of your team, you ensure that their name is displayed against their inspection logs in your account.

There are two things that need to be in place before you add a user:

  • At least one additional space on your user allowance for the Papertrail subscription

  • You need to be an Admin member - check you can see the white settings cog icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Invite a user

Once you have logged in to your Papertrail account, click on the white settings cog icon in the bottom left corner and select Team settings.

Then click any of the blue buttons for + Invite a user.

Enter the email address of the user. They will receive their invitation to this email address and use it to log in to Papertrail with.

You now need to select which user permission levels the new user will receive. Click here for more details on the different permission settings, from view only to administrator.

Once you have set the correct permissions, scroll down and click on Invite. An email will be sent to the specified person, asking them to create a secure password to join your Papertrail account.

If you want to amend the permissions for users at any time, you can do this by going to your account and clicking on cog and selecting Team Settings again.

Subscription user allowance

Each unique email address counts as a user on your subscription allowance.

If you have multiple Papertrail accounts under your subscription, your total number of users will be shared across all the accounts. So if a user is added to three accounts with the same email address, they will only take up one space of the user allowance.

Invited users also take up a user allowance space, even if they haven't accepted the invite yet.

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