The user permission settings you can adjust in Papertrail are:

  1. View only (folders, records, inspections and tasks)

  2. Add (folders, records, inspections and tasks)

  3. Edit (folders, records, inspections and tasks)

  4. Admin

  5. View Only

Please note - you will only see Task permissions if you have access to task manager. If you would like to learn more about Task manager click here.

A user permission level is given to a user when they are first invited to the account, but can be edited by an Admin at anytime. 

To do this, go to the Settings cog in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, then click on Team settings. Admins will only be able to do this.

Next to the user, click Edit on the right hand side to adjust their permissions.

You can select the permission levels for folders, records, inspections and tasks. For each of these, you can choose to give your users the ability to:

  • View only

  • Add

  • Edit

For example, you may want a user to carry out inspections and add new records and tasks but not be able to edit existing records or make changes to the folder structure in the account. For this case they would have: View only folders, Add records, Edit inspections and Add tasks.

Within Team settings, you can select which folders the user will have access to within your account. They will only receive information from the records within those folders in their digest email and on their dashboard.


Admins automatically receive edit permissions along with access to all folders in the account. Tick the ADMIN MEMBER box to assign someone as an admin.

Admins also gain access to the Settings cog and are able to edit and view the following:

1. General account settings - change the company address, country, time zone and logo

2. Team settings - invite new users to the account, edit the permissions for current users, suspend or reactivate users

3. Full account export - create a csv or pdf export of all records, folders, inspection logs and images in the account. Click here for more details on full account exports

4. Deactivate account - deactivate an account if you no longer require it

View Only

View only users are only able to view folders, records, inspections and tasks and are not able to make any changes within the account.

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