Papertrail doesn't delete your account in case you need the data for audit purposes in future, however we can deactivate it from your subscription.

Once inactive, the account is inaccessible to all users and the notification emails will cease. Deactivating an account will ‘free up’ record space that was being used on that account to be used on other accounts in the subscription.

Only an administrator can deactivate an account. Click the white Settings cog in the lower left corner and then select the last option in the menu to Deactivate account.

This will display the message above. To proceed, click Continue with deactivation.

Confirm the deactivation of the account by typing 'YES' into the box and click Deactivate now.

The account will now be deactivated. The name will still be displayed along with other accounts in the same subscription, but will have a padlock icon and the word Inactive next to it.

If you need to start using it again or need to access the records for audit purposes, we can reactivate the account for you in future. Get in contact with us using the details below.

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