How to set a retirement date for your records

Add a retirement date to your records

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For items that have a shelf life, you can add a date for retirement to the record in Papertrail. You will then be notified of the items that are due to be retired within the next six months via the Retire filter on the dashboard. This is useful for planning ahead when it comes to purchasing new equipment. You can also see the dates for retirement on your records by customising your default view.

In the web application, click into the record and if necessary, click on Show all fields at the base of the window. Click on the Date for retirement field.

A calendar will pop up to add or edit your retirement date.

Don't forget, you can edit multiple records at once if you have the same retirement date for multiple items. 

In the mobile application, click into the record and click Add/View more details.

Click the + icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and scroll down to Date for retirement.

When you are no longer using the item, you can set its state to Retired. Head to this article to follow the process. Storing records of retired equipment in Papertrail allows you to evidence the fact that retired equipment is no longer in use. You can access retired records at any time by clicking on the Archived filter in the Filters tab. Retired records do not count towards your total records allowance within your Papertrail subscription.

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