Papertrail makes it easy to keep on top of your record management and reduces your risk by reminding you when equipment inspections, maintenance checks or document reviews (depending on the type of record) are due.

This is done by setting an Inspection Frequency for each record within your account. You will set an Inspection Frequency when you add a new record, or you can click on the Frequency field in an existing record to edit it.

How does Papertrail let me know when my records need inspecting?

If, for example, you add a new record on 1st January and set the inspection frequency to Monthly, we will alert you that an inspection is 'Due' approximately 1 week before 1st February. After 1st February it will show as 'Overdue'.

By default, records will be shown as 'Due' for the following number of days before the inspection deadline:

  • Weekly - 2 days

  • Weekly by [specific day] - 3 days

  • Monthly - 6 days

  • Quarterly - 14 days

  • Half-Yearly - 14 days

  • Yearly - 28 days

  • 2 Yearly - 70 days

  • 3 Yearly - 140 days

A Due period begins at 00:01hrs on the first day of the period, so a 'Weekly by Wednesday' frequency enters its Due period at 00:01hrs on a Monday, and a record will become Overdue at 23:59hrs on the Wednesday.

You will see an overview of all the inspections that are Due and Overdue in your dashboard when you log in to your Papertrail account. Due inspections are displayed in yellow, whilst any Overdue inspections will be displayed in red.

You can use the filter options at any time in the left hand menu bar to navigate to the records that are due and overdue for inspection - just click on the red or yellow numbers.

You will also receive a weekly email from Papertrail, alerting you to any inspections that are due on your account. An example is shown below:

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