How to revert an action

Revering or undoing an action on a record

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You could find from time to time a staff member may have made a mistake when adding inspections or a note to a record. This can be amended by using the 'Revert' button.

Once you have the record open, In the history on the right you can see the information about the last inspection or note added.

When you hover your mouse over this area, you will also see the small i (information) icon. Click on this and the ACTIVITY DETAILS box appears. To confirm this is the action you wish to retrieve, select Revert.

Once you have clicked this the note or inspection will be deactivated. If this was used for an inspection, remember the record will revert back to the same state that it was in before. You may now need to re-inspect it to give it a new state such as 'Checked- Good' or 'Monitor'.

You can now click anywhere off the record to close it.

Please note, you can only revert an action once, meaning once you revert the action you can't revert it back. Also, the deactivation will still show in the activity on the right.

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