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How to view all your accounts and subscriptions in one place

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We've updated our main Accounts list page by adding a new, friendlier, Card View option. Cards give you more information about the subscription(s) and account(s) you have access to, and fast actions from the actions menu.

From the actions menu on an account, you are given shortcut options to:

  • View account - opens the Account up

  • Settings - takes you directly to the settings page for that account

  • Clone - clone the account, with and without folders/records or create a demo account from an existing account

  • Invite member - invite a new user to the account

  • Activate Demo (this will only appear if your account is a demo) - this will allow you to Contact Support so that we can activate your account

If you are a Subscription Owner, the subscription will be displayed. From the actions menu on a subscription, you are given shortcut options to:

  • Settings - takes you directly to the settings page for that subscription

  • Invite Owner - invite a new owner to the subscription

You can switch between Grid view and List view on the right hand side. The chosen view will be your default view unless changed.

You can search for your accounts and subscriptions using the search bar at the top.

If an account is deactivated, or a trial expires, the account will be moved to the Inactive filter. You will receive a notification of this change.

The Inactive accounts will be displayed here. If you want to reactivate any accounts, please contact us.

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