Having multiple accounts on your subscription is really useful if you manage different site locations, have different types of records that you want to keep (for instance, a separate account to keep track of staff qualifications) or to try out new things or train new staff without messing up anything in an existing account.

You can add as many accounts as you want to your subscription. The record and user allowance for your subscription is shared across all of these accounts.

To begin with, log in to your Papertrail home page. On the right above the list of accounts you have access to, click on the button + New account.

In the box that appears (please be patient, it can take a moment), enter the name you want the new account and, if you have access to more than one subscription, which subscription to create it under.

Next choose which type of account you want to create. There are three options available:

1. Standard account

Most new accounts to be used for record and inspection management will be standard accounts.

For equipment and similar items, select the Work at Height Personal Protective Equipment (WAH PPE) template from the list underneath. This will give you an account with appropriate record details compatible with our PPE Directory and standard states and frequencies.

If you want to manage certifications and documents, choose the Certificate Management or Document Management template. These are pared-down templates and only have the states Valid, Invalid or Archived.

For a Teufelberger Fall Protection team members, select the fourth option for an account template in German.

2. Demo account

Demo accounts will only last for 30 days but can have unlimited records and users during that time - perfect for training new staff and testing out new records and folder structures for your business.

Papertrail can convert a demo account to an active account if you want to keep it (providing your subscription record and user allowance can cover it).

We have several industry-specific demo templates for you to choose from, which will generate examples of the most appropriate folders and records, or you can choose an Empty account - no data.

3. Clone an existing account

This gives you the option to create a perfect replica of all the folders and records (optional) in an existing account. If you've spent time developing a folder structure that you want to copy for a new site this will save you time.

You can also choose to make this cloned account a demo account. This is a great option for training new staff in Papertrail, without the risk of messing up the data in your main account.

Note that inspection history, notes and next check dates will not copy across - you may need to contact us to transfer records in this case.

Once you have chosen which type of account and template you need, click on the Create account button to finish. Again, it may take a while to complete the new account.

Once a new account is created you will see it in your Papertrail home page along with all the other accounts you have been invited to.

The user that sets up an account is now the administrator for that account and can invite new users to it.

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