Have you reached the limit of your record allowance, or has the size of your team increased?

Adding extra records and users to your Papertrail subscription to use in your accounts is a simple process. Get in touch with us via the big green button in the corner of the screen, over the phone on +44 1248 719270 or by emailing support@papertrail.io.

We supply records in bundles of 250, so for example 1000 extra records would be 4 bundles. If you are purchasing multiple record bundles and user spaces at once, we can offer you a special rate for this.

To request additional records or users you need to be a subscription owner or have their permission to authorise the purchase.

When the invoice is generated it will be worked out pro-rata to the length of time your subscription has left before renewal, i.e. if you only have 6 months left to run until your annual renewal date you will only be invoiced for 50% of the bundle cost. 

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Contact our Customer Support Team via the chat button in the lower right corner of the screen, on +44 (0)1248 719270 or at support@papertrail.io

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