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How to sync your Papertrail inspection schedule with your calendar?
How to sync your Papertrail inspection schedule with your calendar?

How to use our Calendar integration

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You can now integrate Papertrail with your personal calendar on your desktop giving you a clear overview of your scheduled and projected upcoming inspections.

To enable this simply click the three dots icon on the account where the inspections are that you would like to be notified about and tap the Calendar option.

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List View

A popup will then appear where you can customise:

  • The name of the account calendar

  • The number of months of inspections you wish to display in your calendar

  • The number of inspections per day that you would like to group into one event, this is useful if you have a high number on one day as the link inside the event will take you to a list of those inspections inside the app.

Simply click Submit and then Open calendar which will open your default calendar app and allow you to add the Papertrail calendar to it. Alternatively, you can copy the url and paste it into your calendar app manually.

It is important to note that only the inspection schedules for records in your starred folders will be added to your calendar so if there are folders which you do not wish to be notified about unstar them from the drop down inside the folder/record view.

Get in touch with our support team today to get this feature added to your subscription and never miss an inspection again!

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